Anna Leshchenko

Senior lecturer in the Department of Museology, History of Art Faculty, RGGU (staff member)

Research Interests

  • Metamuseology 
  • Cybermuseology 
  • Museum communication



  • Museological research abroad (Bachelor degree program)
  • Sociocultural aspects of exhibition activities (Bachelor degree program)
  • Non-museum exhibitions: typology and functions (Bachelor degree program)
  • Modern trends in foreign museology (Master's program)
  • Basics of scientific communication (Bachelor degree and Master's program)


Non profit organizations membership


Ongoing Projects

  • The history of museology: the museological thinking in the organisation of a field of knowledge 

Description: raising awareness about museology and museologists around the world. 


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Email: leshchenko.a [at]

Social media: Cybermuseology bloglinkedinfacebooktwitterslideshare, academia, ResearchGate

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