Anna Leshchenko

Senior lecturer in the Department of Museology, History of Art Faculty, RGGU (staff member)


  • ICOFOM Board member (since 2013), general secretary of the ICOFOM Study Series (since 2014). 


Research Interests

  • Meta-museology (thesis on museological research within ICOFOM)
  • Visitors' interpretation (Visitor Studies, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science)
  • Cybermuseology and museum communication (Digital Humanities, Digital Heritage)


Ongoing Projects

  • History of ICOFOM (wikipedia-based project): raising awareness about museology around the world. Writing, editing and translating articles about A.M. Razgon and other prominent museologists.



  • Museological research abroad (Bachelor degree program)
  • Sociocultural aspects of exhibition activities (Bachelor degree program)
  • Non-museum exhibitions: typology and functions (Bachelor degree program)
  • Modern trends in foreign museology (Master's program)


Email: leshchenko.a [at]

Social media: linkedinfacebooktwitterslideshare